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Stop for a moment and look

Well, not so much "stop for a moment and look", more a case of just stop for a moment.

I didn't have chance to get out today to search for interesting things because I wanted to work on the baby blanket I am making for our latest grandchild. It should have been finished months ago, but it had got to the fiddly finishing off stage, which is the point my projects often stall.

Anyway, after hours of crocheting ears onto the animal faces, I paused for a cup of tea and took a moment to gaze out of the window. The weather has gone very blah again. It's almost like non-weather: grey overcast sky, flat grey light, grey trees not yet in leaf and cold again. But the cuppa was refreshing. (Red bush, in case you're interested.)

Time for a cuppa

Crochet animal squares

I'm delighted to say that not only have I now finished crocheting all the ears, but I have also woven in all the ends!
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