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Stop for a moment and look

The weather was better this morning and there was even some sunshine as I took Brith for his walk. Because of his fear of other dogs, there's really only one or two routes we can take, but walking along the quiet lanes is good for him and keeps me fit. If it's not too cold, we usually pause for a moment or two in a gateway at the furthest point of the walk before turning for home.

Traditional Welsh gate fastener

Welsh gates are often fastened by means of a piece of baler twine. This one was actually properly hung, but very often the "hinges" are baler twine too. When I still rode, I often ended up wrestling with a heavy gate and it's complex baler twine ties while trying to get a horse along a bridleway. And when there was twine at both ends, there was always the interesting task of trying to decide which end was supposed to open.
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