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Stop for a moment and look

There wasn't much time to stop and look today. Welsh group in the morning followed by a visit to my Dad. However, I did pull into a layby on the way home to capture this shot of the A494. Believe it or not, this is one of the main north-south roads in Wales. (The other is the A470, which inspired this song.) The A494 is the road I used to commute on daily during my last job as a lecturer in an FE college. It was a long drive, but I got to look at very attractive scenery en route. Watching the seasons change was an especial delight.

The road to Corwen

I know I keep complaining about the light being blah and grey, but the above photo demonstrates what I mean. I know this was just taken with the phone, but the DSLR wouldn't have done much better.

Here's hoping for better weather and better light soon.
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