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Stop for a moment and look

My husband had not bothered to mention that he needed new shoes, until he suddenly announced this morning that he needed a pair RIGHT NOW! because it was raining and there were holes in the soles.

We no longer have a proper shoe shop in town, but we do have a shop that sells shoes. So off I trotted to see if they had a pair of brown men's laceups. Here is the shop...

Old shops

Someone commented on the baler twine gate fastener photo that Wales seemed to be a time capsule and there is more than a little truth in that. We don't have things like 24-hour garages or supermarkets, though we do have a real butchers shop and there is still this one shop that has probably remined unchanged since the 1950s, possibly even earlier. (Over the door it says that the shop was established in 1857.) There used to be another very old shop too, T H Roberts, which can be seen next to D E Hughes clothes shop. It was an ironmongers shop straight out of the Victorian era, but a few years ago the owners retired and sold up and it was turned into a cafe. It works surprisingly well as a cafe and they have kept the interior more or less intact.

Anyway, the old shop didn't let me down and I bought G another pair of shoes exactly the same as the ones he has just worn out.
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