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Catching up...

Or trying to.

I got very behind with LJ last week, both in reading my friends list and writing entries due to being a) back at work but b) not yet settled into a routine. My students (the part-time adults) won't start until the 20th and possibly not even till the 27th, depending on whether the technician team is back up to full strength or not. (One has been off with an injured ankle, leaving two people to do the work of three most of the summer. This has not been good for the readiness of the college network.)

The only notable things to report are:

College staff awayday and bonding session

Last year a bunch of staff climbed Snowdon, and we in the IT department didn't get to hear about it until it had happened. This year it was better publicised, but in the end, I was the only one of the IT lecturers to venture forth last Friday into the rain to do battle with Wales's highest mountain. I have no photos because I decided not to take the camera in order to save weight. Probably I should have taken it because ours is waterproof and, after assuming that many others would be taking piccies, no one else would get theirs out due to the rain.

In the end, we mastered about 70% of Snowdon. We all decided as we approached the ridge leading to the summit that discretion was the better part of valour and that a return to the car park via the Miner's track was a much better option than climbing on into the rapidly descending cloud. I think we were all well soaked in the nether regions by then, but we weren't soaked right through on the upper body. Continuing for another threequarters of an hour to an hour would have added considerably to the wetness and the wind would have hit us as soon as we left the shelter of the cwm, which would have increased the wetting and chilling factor considerably. And we definitely weren't going to see anything from the top that day.

But it was a good day out and I got to talk to some of the other staff who I only really see in passing in the staffroom.

The final tutorial for the OU course

If you're expecting another tale of tutorial woe, then I'm pleased to say that you'll be disappointed. I hadn't spent much time preparing as I'd decided that we could look at and talk about essay writing. (There is an essay in the end of course assessment.) This meant that we were talking about something I knew about and felt confident with.

To my utter astonishment, the building and the room were open. Also 5 people came. So all went well, except that my idea to provide refreshments failed miserably because, though I took our kettle full of water, I left in a hurry (because G was leaving early to drive down to South Wales) and forgot to take the power lead/base thingy that you need to make the kettle actually work. But we ate the biscuits.

Today has been spent doing not very much other than catching up on all the posts about WorldCon (*jealous*), writing an outline of a short story, replenishing the foods stocks and watching the rain pour down outside.

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