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Stop for a moment and look

Catching up as best I can. This is actually the photo from yesterday. The reason for getting behind was because I spent most of Sunday writing an essay for the final OU course and then at 4.30 pm we drove up to Caernarfon where we were staying overnight so G didn't have to set off at the crack of dawn to get to a meeting in Bangor first thing Monday morning.

Yes, it was a bit of an indulgence, but we have to take our fun where we can. :) We had a very nice meal in the hotel restaurant and after breakfast it only took 15 minutes to get to the college where my husband had his meeting. While he did work stuff, I hit the shops. I have finally bitten the bullet and bought a new computer. G decided he needed one too and suggested that there might be bargains due to the rush to get tablets rather than desktops. Assuming the price cut was genuine, we saved £120 on each computer. Unfortunately, we now have to learn Windows 8, but G is playing with his now and seems to be coping. :) It is sooooo much faster than his ancient one. I won't have time to set mine up until Thursday, so I'm expecting a huge learning curve.

I also bought a few other odds and ends, including a new swimming costume. I don't swim at the moment, but it had occurred to be that I couldn't even if I wanted to because I didn't have a costume that would fit.

While wandering around Bangor, I snapped this with my phone. The sign says that it is the "Bible Garden"

Bible Garden, Bangor

I couldn't quite work out why it was called a "Bible Garden", but it provides a peaceful corner just by the cathedral.
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