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Stop for a moment and look

I'm going to combine two days into one post here. Moving to a new computer has disrupted everything, so though I've taken pictures, I couldn't process or post them.

Most of yesterday was spent dismantling the old computer and assembling the new one. I also had to clean out lots of dust from on, under and around the desk and do some hoovering. :)

Today I started installing software and finding out how to use Windows 8. It's a bit of a steep learning curve, but it's starting to make sense. It's going to mean different ways of working, but it will just be different and neither better nor worse. I have used so many OSes over the years, that I'm not wedded to any one in particular.

So yesterday, the only stopping I did was pausing in my cleaning and rearranging and the only looking was out of the window. That was a bit of a shame because it was a gorgeous day with a cloudless blue sky. Appearances can be deceptive, however, because it was not very warm.

Sunny day

As this post shows, today I successfully installed PhotoShop Elements, and Digital Photo Professional (the software I use for processing and converting RAW files) and worked out how to download photos from the camera. I also downloaded and installed Semagic for writing LJ posts. In the process, I discovered that Windows 8 panics when you try to install almost anything, but if you reassure it, things do work. Mostly.

Walking up to Quaker meeting this morning I got slightly rained on and the afternoon was very grey, so today's photo of the same view looks a bit different.

Cloudy day
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