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Stop for a moment and look

I went for a lovely walk with Brith this morning. The day started dull with a huge dark cloud hovering over the house, but as we walked, the sky cleared and by the time we arrived back at Brith's house, it was a beautiful sunny spring day. If I had been a character in a novel, I would have accused the writer of indulging in pathetic fallacy. :) The change in the weather did actually match my mood and I really needed to get out of the house with some cheerful doggy company because yesterday evening was incredibly stressful. This was because G's new computer suddenly, and for no apparent reason, refused to connect to the internet. As he had desperately urgent work to do, some... er... shouting occurred and a lot of stressing. Eventually, the computer decided to work. Huge relief, but we're not quite sure what we did, other than switch it off and switch it off again, something that had failed to work several times previously.

Anyway... After taking Brith for a walk, I showered, washed my hair and finished making soup for lunch. I then felt much better and spent the afternoon productively installing more things on my own new computer (LJ Archive, printer software and iTunes). So I can now back up LJ, print things and listen to music. It found all my albums too, so that's another step nearer to having everything set up as I want it.

So I could only literally stop for a moment, but I popped out into the back garden where we have a golden path of celandines running down towards the woods that lie beyond the bottom fence.

Celandines in the garden

Regarding the aforementioned soup, I experimented with the haybox duvet cooking method. Basically, I didn't have time before or after I went to walk Brith to make the soup because it needed 50 minutes of simmering to cook the lentils and barley that I wanted to add to bulk it out. I suppose I could have put it in the slow cooker, but there wasn't long enough to slow cook it, so I'd have had to start it in the pan, transfer to slow cooker for the 90 minutes or so I was out with the dog, then transfer it back to the pan to finish off at a higher temperature. This would have meant hauling the slower cooker out of the cupboard upstairs and also created more washing up. So I thought I'd try wrapping it up to keep hot while I was out. I assembled the ingredients and boiled the soup for about 10 minutes before wrapping it in two thick towels and a spare duvet. It worked surprisingly well and was still very hot when I got back. It only took a moment or two to get it back to a good simmering temperature and it finished cooking in time to eat when G arrived back from his morning in the college.
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