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Stop for a moment and look

Going to have to post and run because Wednesday is the day I go to Welsh group and then on to Prestatyn to see my 91-year-old Dad. I therefore haven't had chance to get on the computer all day and now I'm tired.

I never used to venture into the town, we'd just drive to Dad's have a chat, perhaps drive to the beach and then go home. Now he's unable to get out, I have to pop into the town centre to do various errands. Today there wasn't a parking space outside the bank, so I went into the free car park instead. Deciding to walk back a different way after visiting the bank, I came across this lovely tree full of blossom.

Cherry blossom

It does feel as though spring is finally here. The temperature has made it into double figures, even occasionally peaking in the mid teens! That's degrees C, of course, that makes it 59 degrees F.

We're also getting gentle showers and the mixture of warmth and the rain is finally bringing forth the flowers.
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