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Stop for a moment and look

The process of setting up the new computer trundles slowly on. Today I added a few more programs, like ToDoList, Adobe reader and OpenOffice. I set up Skype and I also installed Thunderbird for email and made a note of all the Turnpike settings. I haven't actually tried to set up Thunderbird to collect messages yet. That can wait until tomorrow when I'm less tired.

Anyway, after a day of sitting at the computer, I toddled out at about 5 pm to have a quick walk and to see what I could find. After a gloomy day, the sun was occasionally peeking through the clouds, just enough to add a sheen to this horse's coat.

Bay horse

Beyond the horse's field, there is a path leading into a wood where there are old, twisted ivy stems climbing the tree trunks.

Twisted ivy stems

This was once the site of a quarry, probably where a lot of the building stone for the town came from. Whoever designed the walk through the woods wanted to make sure that you stayed safely on the path.

Don't fall down the hole!

Here's a closer view of the sign...

Danger of falling sign

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