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Stop for a moment and look

I don't take the DSLR out with me when I go to walk Brith, mostly because of the extra weight, but also in case it gets bashed if/when I have to struggle him past another dog. Fortunately, if the light is good, the phone doesn't do a bad job. :)

Twin lambs with mum

Finally, some proper April weather! Showers followed by sunshine. It's still a bit chilly though.

Behind the cut is an attempt at a video of Brith enjoying his walk. Not a good video at all, but

This afternoon there were more struggles with the new computer. I can't get it to sync contacts and calendar with the phone, though obviously I have managed to get the transfer of photos and video working.

More mysteriously, the Windows media player wouldn't play the sound on the video of Brith. When I tried an old video I shot last year with the Canon PowerShot, it played the sound but showed no picture.


I'm sure I will eventually get everything working as I want it, but this is why I put off buying a new computer for over a year. :(
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