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An old dog learning new tricks

Things I have learned today:

Never assume that the microphone that worked absolutely fine yesterday will work today. Always check with the Skype testing service before calling a student.

The morning session actually went very well, considering the technical glitches. It was my second conversation with a young woman in Bangladesh. Sunday's session went smoothly, but today the glitches were various. First I couldn't get through because her computer had crashed. Then I did get through but she couldn't hear me (see above). Then when I had changed my new microphone for the old one that, fortunately, I had kept, the session was fine for half an hour until they had a brief power cut. But as I said, I survived, we kept talking for the full hour and the student seemed happy.

The second session was with a woman in Russia. Her English was not as fluent as the Bangladeshi woman, but again we had a good session. I might actually be getting the hang of this language tutoring lark. :)

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