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Stop for a moment and look

I had thought I might go out this afternoon to look for something a bit special, but it was so beautiful this morning when I went up to take Brith for his walk that I've settled for this phone shot of the view from Brith's house.

View from Brith's house

Brith lives (with his two lovely elderly ladies) on the opposite side of town from us. His house is at the top of a hill whereas we live down at the bottom of the valley, just a little above river level. This is why they get sunlight all the year round while we are in shadow from the beginning of December to around mid-February. The sun just doesn't rise above the mountain when viewed from our house.

Anyway, we had a lovely walk. The weather was just about perfect: warm enough to dispense with heavy winter clothing, but not so hot that there is any danger of Brith overheating and no midges or other annoying insects.

I do wish Brith was an easier dog to walk. Though having said that, today he was fine. The aggressive black Labradors weren't out in their garden and we didn't meet any other dogs either. But to be fair to Brith, he is brilliant in almost every other respect. He loves people, but not in a bouncy overwhelming way. He also ignores: squirrels, cats, sheep, chickens, geese, bicycles, birds and cars. Also he is -- ever so slowly -- getting better at just coping with being outside generally. He did bark at a pickup truck pulling a trailer, but it was only two barks and he doesn't get wound up now like he used to.

But the best news is that Jan, the professional dog trainer who works with him two days a week, is going to take him to her dog training class as a demonstration of what can be achieved. For the first meeting, the other dogs won't be there and she intends to put Brith through his paces to show what he can do and therefore what, with training, their own dogs might be able to do.

For me Brith will: Sit, Down, Leave it, Go round, and Roll over. But for Jan he will do lots more, including going and finding specific toys. So if you say, "Fetch ball!" he will bring the ball and "Fetch rabbit!" he will bring the toy rabbit. He also, apparently, knows "left paw" and "right paw", which to be honest I don't get right 100% of the time. :) (You would know this if you ever tried to direct me while I'm driving!)
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