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April's photos, the summary

This mosaic shows all the photos taken for my LiveJournal project, Stop for a moment and look. The idea was to find something interesting each day and post it to my blog.

There was more repetition than I intended and I hope in June there won't be so many photos taken in the back garden. As those of you who have been following along already know, mostly it ended up being about the very very slow progress of spring this year. :)

April 2013 mosaic

1. Tiny daffodils, 2. Early morning light, 3. Variegated ivy, 4. Porth Oer, 5. Daffodils, 6. Ewe & lamb, 7. Determined dandelion, 8. Time for a cuppa, 9. Traditional Welsh gate fastener, 10. The road to Corwen, 11. Old shops, 12. New hawrthorn leaves, 13. Morning sunlight on the hawthorn, 14. Celandines, 15. Bible Garden, Bangor, 16. White Shetland pony, 17. Walking the dogs, 18. Daisy and dandelion, 19. Brith, 20. Sunny day, 21. Cloudy day, 22. Spring rain on primroses, 23. Celandines in the garden, 24. Cherry blossom, 25. Bay horse, 26. Twin lambs with mum, 27. Dew on grass, 28. May blossom buds, 29. Church and flowering tree, 30. View from Brith's house

Back in 2010 I did a 365 project. I didn't want to commit to taking a photo every single day for a year, so this is a sort of compromise. I thought doing just the months with 30 days might be enough of a challenge without becoming a burden. Besides, a 30 day month creates a neat 6 x 5 mosaic. :)
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