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Moving to a new computer

I think the transfer to the new computer is almost complete. As usual, it's taken several weeks to move over all my data and my favourite software and sort out updates for things that no longer work.

After hearing lots of horror stories about Windows 8, I was delighted to find that the only thing that wouldn't run was the email program Turnpike. Though Demon do now provide a webmail option, I still like to actually download my mail to my own computer. The thing about Turnpike was that a) I've used it for 17 years and know it inside out and b) it's designed to cope with having multiple email addresses. Basically you can set up any name you like before the @ sign and thus have mail addresses appropriate to your needs. For instance I've set one up with my Dad's name. Not that he's ever going to use it, but it means that when I order things online for him, the emails relating to that purchase automatically go together into the same folder and everything is kept tidy.

So... Googling had revealed that my best option was probably Thunderbird and I proceeded to find out how to make it work as much like Turnpike as possible. (Thankfully there were plenty of people who had already travelled this road, so I found lots of help in various Demon forums.) Because email is complicated, I've done one step at a time, first just getting the program installed and then working out how to transfer all my existing mail into Thunderbird. I was really pleased to discover that it was possible and having exported all my mailboxes from Turnpike, today I managed to import them into Thunderbird. Then, after correcting a stupid typo in the settings box, I successfully downloaded my mail. :)

The messages have sort of gone into the right folders. I need to do a bit of tweaking of the filters to refine the filtering, but nothing seems to be getting lost, so that was a huge step forwards. The final step is to set up the folder personalities so that mail sent out from Thunderbird shows the correct address, but it is supposed to be doable and though I'll be sad to leave Turnpike behind, it looks as though I have a workable alternative. Which is a big relief.

Regarding the hardware, I wasn't very happy with the wireless mouse that came with the computer, so today I've put my old mouse back. It just moves better over the screen. The wireless mouse was fine for things like web browsing etc, but for PhotoShop, I found I was gripping it hard to get the fine control I needed. This was asking for trouble and I don't want a recurrence of the RSI I suffered from some years ago. I also intend to revert to a wired keyboard. The wireless one is behaving itself today. I don't know whether changing the mouse has helped (both mouse and keyboard were running off one USB socket) or whether it's because I've moved the dongle from the USB port at the back to one at the front. Anyway, it is now fine after behaving very weirdly for the past few days. However, I'm still probably going to see if I can get my old clicky keyboard (see icon) to work with it and have ordered a PS/2 to USB converter.
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