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I think I have really and truly transferred everything over from the old computer now. The final thing was to plug in my old clicky keyboard (see icon). I did give the wireless keyboard a try, but it had all these extra fancy keys and I kept hitting the Windows key instead of the Alt and was being zapped into the Start Screen when I didn't want to go there.

I did wonder whether I would have to say goodbye to my faithful old keyboard. It dates back to the 1990s and I acquired it when the local nuclear power station closed and they donated a lot of old IT equipment to the study centre where I taught. But there's something about the sturdy clickiness that I really like, and I've kept it going all this time. it already had a converter to convert a large round plug into a smaller round plug. Now it also has a PS/2 to USB converter, plus a USB extension cable because the converter thingummy was too chunky to fit into the USB socket next to the other plugs.

The one thing I couldn't do in Windows 8 was set up an ad hoc wifi network to enable me to download Kindle books to my iPod Touch. We don't have wifi, preferring the speed and reliability of wires, so to connect the iPod to the internet, I had worked out how to make a connection using an ad hoc network. It was a little cumbersome, but it worked fine because when I'm at home the only reason for the iPod to access the internet is to download a Kindle book. I assumed I could do the same on the new computer, but a bit of Googling revealed that I couldn't.

Well, that's not entirely true. I could either resort to altering settings via a command line or download a program that would do it for me. I didn't fancy either, so instead I've set up the ad hoc network on the laptop that runs Windows XP. That will see me on for a year or so until the laptop dies.

The final final step is to dismantle the old computer and stow it safely in the garage, just in case there's something I forgot...

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