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Where did the steps lead?

Well, the first thing you notice on ascending the steps is a ship heading towards you across a foam of white summer flowers.

Duke of Lancaster

I have posted about this ship before, but that was a dismal grey day and it looked much better yesterday with a gorgeous blue sky behind it and the sun shining.

On closer inspection you can see it has been covered in artistic graffiti.

Three wise monkeys

Sunshine makes everything look better, even a graffiti covered derelict ship! For anyone new to my LJ, it's history can be found here...

Decorated ship's side

The coast by Llannerch-y-Mor. Not terribly exciting, but that must be England in the distance.

Sand bank

And what are these tall white things in the distance? I hadn't a clue, but my husband guessed what they were, namely new offshore wind-turbines under construction prior to be floated out to sea and put in position.

What are these?

A final look at the Duke of Lancaster as I head back to buy a cup of tea and a cream scone in the Abakhan cafe.

Ship's bow

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