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The quest for Luke O'Connor

Next week I finally have some students to teach and, as I'll be teaching some sessions in a centre I've never been to before, I decided I had better go and check it out. Fortunately a colleague who has worked there before agreed to show me around.

The directions to reach the place read rather like a D&D quest. My starting point was the training centre in Wrexham, which is part of the college. From there, I followed my colleague as he drove towards the centre of town and turned right at the roundabout. We then wended our way along the winding Fairy Road (I kid you not, it's Fordd y Tylwyth Teg in Welsh!) until we reached the Green Dragon. Not a real dragon, of course, but a pub. Though as that's the name of an inn in the Lord of the Rings it's scarcely any more believable. Anyway... Turned right at the Green Dragon and continued until we reached the barracks. Turned right just after the barracks into the strangely named Monger's Lane (Fishmonger, ironmonger or costermonger? Who knows?) and then finished up in Barter Court where Luke O'Connor House is to be found.

It's going to be interesting teaching there and more like the classes I used to teach in my old job than what I've been doing recently because Luke O'Connor House is a small community centre in a rather deprived area. Sharing the centre is the team who look after the people with mental health and drug problems and their clients will be coming and going and also, perhaps, joining in my classes. The computer courses are very very basic and aimed at confidence building; the idea being that students will graduate to the larger training centre for the higher level courses.

The computers are 3 years old, but adequate for the kind of things the students need to do. The other facilities are good. There's a small kitchen and comfortable sitting area, where everyone can take a break and have a cup of tea or coffee and there's even a large fish in a tank in the corner.

Oh, and I did spot a framed picture on the wall with some text about "Who was Luke O'Connor?" but I didn't have time to read it, so I'll have to wait until next week to find out.

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