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Stop for a moment and...

...contemplate a job completed successfully.

A new washing line

The washing line at the bottom of the garden had turned black from being out in all weathers. It had also lost its stretch and was no doubt on the way to breaking under the strain of a full load of wet clothes. This morning's job was to replace it with new clothesline. As the tree has grown since last year, I had to get the ladder out of the garage in order to reach up to tie the clothesline in place.

The other thing that had grown was the grass. Before I could hang the washing out, I had to scythe down the patch of grass under the clothes line. Thus a job that should have taken 10 minutes at most stretched out into taking much longer, but it's done now and finally I could pause and contemplate the pleasing sight of clean clothes swaying gently in the summer breeze. :)
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