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Stop for a moment...

...and contemplate the foliage.


I remember studying ferns in O-level biology. A modern camera makes it easy to get a worm's eye view of the underside of the fronds. I do love autofocus. Without it this photo would have been impossible -- or at least very difficult. As it is, simply place camera below ferns, point upwards, press shutter and hope for a decent composition!

I needed a moment to chill out because today was another day that took quite a bit of effort just to maintain the status quo. I missed out on my walk with Brith because of a flat tyre. :(

I had noticed that it looked a bit soft first thing this morning so, instead of driving, I walked into town to get milk and put up some posters advertising G's computer course at the local college. A couple of hours later, I was all ready to drive up to M & B's to collect Brith. I got out the foot pump and successfully re-inflated the tyre, but when I came to remove the pump, disaster! When I unclipped the connector, it didn't come free instantly and as I wiggled it to remove the pump, the whole valve came out of the tyre! Eeek! Whooshing of air and totally flat tyre. :(

Fortunately, our local garage is less then 100 metres from our house, so I asked them to sort it out, gave them the car key and by the afternoon, the car was roadworthy again. But it messed up the morning. However, it could have been much worse. They valve must have been hanging on by a hairsbreadth and could have gone while I was driving.
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