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Stop for a moment and...

...admire the scenery.

Yes, I finally got out of the back garden! Tomorrow G is leading a local geology group on a walk around the Cregennen Lakes. There is a particularly interesting rock that is very tricky to get to. After several field trips that involved a lot of floundering through knee deep bracken and gorse and scrambling over tumbled boulders that made progress very difficult, we thought there had to be a better route. So today we drove up for a quick reconnoitre. G went via his old route while I tried out a path higher up on the hill. The outcrop is easier to recognise from below, but easier to access from above, if that makes sense. Anyway, by approaching from two different directions, G pointed me at the right rock and I found a much easier route than before.

I only had time to grab a single photo, but with luck, there will be more of the same location tomorrow. It's a bit picture postcardy, but this is one of my favourite places around here. Possibly one of my favourite places full stop.

Cregennen Lake

I still can't believe we're having a proper summer. A week of gorgeous sunny weather! This is what June is supposed to be like. :)
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