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Stop for a moment and...

...and contemplate a job well done.

After mowing

Please note!!! The garden in the picture belongs to our neighbours. As you can see it is beautifully kept.

Ours is less tidy and it took me all day (with lots of rests) to mow the front grass. However, as you can see in this picture, it now looks much better and the join between the gardens is hardly noticeable.

This was not how it looked this morning.

Before mowing

When I took these pictures, it was hard to believe that rain is forecast for tomorrow. Even as late as 4 pm it was as summery as ever. But by six some more ominous clouds had appeared and now the sky is completely overcast.

Well, at least we've had a proper summer for 10 days, which is 10 days more than in the last umpteen years.
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