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Driving to work on Friday

I wrote a couple of haikus. Which reminds me, the poetry course I signed up for should start in a few weeks time. That should be fun. I write terrible, terrible poetry -- or rather I did when I was young, until I saw how bad it was, and I've never written poetry since. Other than the occasional comic verse or parody and the haikus, of course.

I have no intention of trying to write poetry now (other than the course assignments, naturally), but I felt that a bit more appreciation of rhythm and metre and the use of words wouldn't do my fiction writing any harm.

Anyway, the haikus, both inspired by things I saw driving to work.

red in the hedgerow
a hint of copper and rust
and so the year turns

eye-catching blue-green
the peacock at the roadside

I don't offer these as being in any way good. But I write them because I find they fix a scene or a moment in my mind particularly well and re-reading one even a couple of years later can bring the original right back.

Like this one:

two magpies flying
against a dark sky
over sunlit fields

And trying to squeeze a whole scene into 5,7,5 is good practice for when you're looking for that telling detail to bring a story setting to life.

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