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Stop for a moment and...

...admire the stillness.

An old friend from university is staying in town for a few days. Yesterday, while I drove up to see my Dad, she hired a bike and did a ride around the local lanes. Today we did the New Precipice Walk from Llanelltyd, along the hillside above the trees and then back down to the main road and across the bridge to the George III Hotel in Penmaenpool.

Here is the lake near the start of the walk.

Lake on the New Precipice Walk

Sadly the weather was grey and rather clammy, but it only drizzled a bit so we managed the walk without getting wet. I've done the walk before with my husband and found it rather exhausting, but today it didn't seem as far. Probably this was because we ambled along talking and stopped at one point to eat the sandwiches we had brought. We also stopped at the hotel for a drink and another sit down before walking the final 2 miles back to town.

I do have more pictures and I will post them at the weekend, but no time now.
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