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Stop for a moment...

...in a beautiful and peaceful place.

As always happens, when I have a few days packed full of activity, I have no time to blog! This should have been posted yesterday.

Friday was another day of walking with my old university friend. In the morning, she came with me to walk Brith and it was very pleasant and mostly sunny. Brith loves the extra company, so we had a good walk and he was even quite relaxed when we saw a sheepdog helping a farmer move a small flock of sheep out of a field and into a trailer. The trailer was completely blocking the lane and we had stopped well back, so as not to disturb the farmer in his work, but Brith was OK and once the Landrover and trailer had driven off, we finished our walk.

Then after a sandwich lunch, we drove up to the Cregennen Lakes which have featured regularly in this LJ. By now the weather had deteriorated and it was looking rather dark and threatening, so we decided that climbing the ridge was probably not a good idea and instead we walked along the lower path that runs beside the lake. We followed the path all the way to the tarmac road, then took a moment to look in this tiny cemetery.

Graveyard, Islaw'rdref

The chapel is now ruined, but the graveyard is still in use.


Then we made our way back to the car via a couple of rough tracks and a short stretch across open moorland.
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