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Stop for a moments and...

...look at the morning light on the grass.

Morning light on the grass

A spider has been busy, spinning gossamer threads between the stalks. I couldn't see that when I looked with the naked eye, but noticed when I downloaded the photo and looked at it large on the screen.

I do love the feathery effect of grass seed heads, especially with the light behind them., but the grass in our back garden is rather long and my goal over the next couple of days is to get it looking a bit tidier. This particular piece of grass survived today's onslaught because I was focusing on the area running along the fence. However, it is probably doomed tomorrow! I only spent an hour on it today, but removed two wheelie bin-fuls of brambles, weeds and baby trees. Honestly, if I didn't keep hacking stuff down, we'd have forest right up to the back door.
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