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In which I search for a market

As I said in my last post, the promised wifi didn't stretch to the hall of residence and as I didn't want to sit in reception in the main building in order to use the internet, I stuck to using the mobile broadband dongle. It's fine, but obviously slower and you pay by the amount of data downloaded, so though I'd uploaded photos directly from my phone, I didn't want to spend much time on Flickr with it's new bandwidth hungry design.

So here are the photos I took on Wednesday when I went exploring Newport, which is a city that has sadly declined a lot since it's Victorian heyday, but which has still not quite given up the fight to stay alive. There were lots of handsome Victorian buildings, now mostly empty and in various stages of dereliction. However, the leaflet included with G's conference pack mentioned the Indoor Provisions Market. Built in 1887 it is an early example of a large-span cast iron frame building.

I didn't fancy driving into Newport because I was afraid that without a navigator I'd never find my way round the complex one-way system to find a car park and, even if I did, I'd probably never find my way back to Caerleon afterwards. Besides, there is a frequent bus service between Caerleon and Newport City Centre and the return fare turned out to be a mere £3, which is probably not far off what I'd have had to pay for car parking anyway.

So, disembarking at the bus station, I set out in search of the market. There were plenty of signposts for tourists, which is probably hugely optimistic -- that tourists would go there, I mean -- but as I said, Newport isn't giving up easily. So I followed the signs until they stopped, presumably indicating that I had reached the right place, but looking around, there was nothing that looked at all like a large Indoor Provisions Market. So I circled around and tried again by a slightly different route.

The approach didn't look too promising. All the shops on this arcade seemed closed apart from a tattoo parlour.


Once through the alley, I found myself back in exactly the same place and there was still no sign of a market. This time, however, just as I decided to circle around the other way, a woman standing in a nondescript doorway smoking a cigarette, threw her cigarette end into the street, turned, pushed the door open and -- as she went through and just before the door closed behind her -- I caught a quick glimpse of... The market!

It was a real old-fashioned indoor market, just like the ones I used to visit as a child in the North of England.

Indoor market in Newport

It was difficult to do justice to the splendid roof with the phone camera...

Indoor market in Newport

The fruit and veg stalls and the meat on the butchers' counters looked really tempting, but fresh food wasn't any use to me on holiday without cooking facilities. I did, however, find a nice little wool stall tucked away in a corner and bought some more of the Cotton On yarn. I finally finished the baby blanket that have been making for our youngest grandchild and I had a lot of white left over. As I didn't want to to make something totally white, I needed more colours.

More crochet yarn


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