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Photos I took in June

Here is a mosaic showing all the photos I too for the Stop for a Moment posts I did here throughout June. I tried to make the mosaic before I went to Caerleon, but the mosaic making page didn't seem to be working and then I didn't have a good enough internet connetion and then I came home and got sidetracked by the jungle that is our "garden".

June photo-a-day mosaic

1. Time to put the kettle on, 2. Dandelion seed head, 3. Steps leading up, 4. Open gate, 5. Corwen church, 6. A new washing line, 7. Ferns, 8. Cregennen Lake, 9. Cadair Idris, 10. After mowing, 11. After the sun, the rain, 12. Raindrops, 13. My next crochet project, 14. Buttercups, 15. Fallen rhododendron flowers cropped, 16. Ox eye daisy, 17. Beware of trains, 18. Old cottage, 19. Bala Lake, 20. Lake on the New Precipice Walk, 21. Graveyard, Islaw'rdref, 22. Windblown daisies, 23. Moving leaves, 24. Bala Lake, 25. Morning light on the grass, 26. Tutsan, 27. Foxglove, 28. Guard geese, 29. Wild strawberries cropped copy, 30. Hart's tongue fern

As I challenged myself to do a photo-a-day during each 30-day month, this feature will return in September. Obviously I'll post photos as and when I take them, but I'm not pushing myself to look for something every single day.

In other news, we do seem to be getting another week of proper summer weather. It's not too hot and it's finally giving me the opportunity to hack and slash the garden into some semblance of order. I've decided that we need to pay someone to come in and cut the grass. It always was a big job and after a few years of neglect, it's getting beyond what I can cope with. It really needs a heavy duty strimmer and mower, but these days I'm just not strong enough to handle heavier equipment and our domestic mower and strimmer really struggle. However, I felt that it needed tidying a bit before we get someone in to tidy it. Mainly because I want it to be obvious which plants are to be kept and which are to be ruthlessly suppressed.

I say this because some years ago I planted some jostaberry cuttings donated by a friend. Usually I can kill anything, but they actually thrived -- until my husband cut them down one day when he unexpectedly attacked the overgrown garden in an effort to help. Fortunately they grew back, only to be cut back a couple of years later by the neighbour who was trying to stop our garden invading his. :( They have now grown back for a third time and actually have some fruits on them, so I am determined to preserve them at all costs!

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