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Summer continues unabated

I really am delighting in this summer. It's been so long since we got more than the odd day of sunshine that I'm putting up with the heat perfectly cheerfully. Of course since we last had a British summer, I've experienced real heat in Portugal and America, so I realise now how lucky we are with our climate. It mostly doesn't try to kill us. :)

Today started struggly, but then settled down. I drove up to M & B's house to walk Brith as usual for a Friday. I only took him for about half an hour instead of the usual hour, partly because of the heat which affects dogs more than humans but also because I had agreed to take G to Llandudno for the college graduation ceremony. I keep joking that I should get a chauffeur's uniform with peaked cap, but in reality I do the driving because a) it ensures he gets to important events/meetings rested and refreshed and b) I don't get travel sick.

So this is where I took Brith this morning. There is a little semi-overgrown track that leads off the lane and runs alongside the golf course. It doesn't go anywhere useful, but it's leafy and shady, so good for a hot morning.

Dolgellau golf course

Then I tried to hurry home to shower and change, but first had to squeeze past a van that was blocking the road by M & B's house, then had to park a bit further from the petrol pump than is convenient, due to the two cars in front of me, then had to wait for several minutes on the bridge while a bus tried to turn right into the car park and got jammed up with a small lorry trying to emerge and turn left. Chaos! Well, relatively speaking. To those of you who regularly drive in city traffic, it would be nothing!

Then, showered and changed, we drove to Llandudno and despite a slow start through the extensive road works where they are widening the main road north, we got there in good time. I dropped G off at Venue Cymru and went to eat my ham and beef rolls on the sea front. I then sat there for a while crocheting and it was absolutely beautiful. The sun shone, the weather was hot -- but not too hot because of the breeze from the sea.


It was lovely to see Llandudno so busy. Most of the people are down near the pier, but the beach looked quite crowded down there. Considering that the schools haven't quite broken up yet, there were plenty of people about.

A woman did actually come to speak to me while I was crocheting. She admired the blanket I was making and said that she used to crochet when she was young, but had tried again recently and found she'd forgotten how. Strangely, for me that kind of skill doesn't go. It might get rusty and I might find that it takes a while me to get the fluency and ease back, but the basics never go. Perhaps it depends on how much you did when you first learned?

Apologies, by the way for being a bit lax on the commenting. I have been reading LJ, but recently all my attention has been on the garden and the crochet, so I've been reading but not finding I have anything very intelligent to add.

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