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Changing light triptych

Changing light triptych by Helen in Wales

Changing light triptych, a photo by Helen in Wales on Flickr.

34/52 for the group T189 alphabet challenge

The set theme was: Q is for Quantity and Quality of light

After 18 months of being mainly unemployed (with occasional bits of online TEFL teaching), life has suddenly shifted into a higher gear. The most demanding days of my week used to be the visits to my Dad and the mornings spent walking Brith, all that is about to change...

People keep asking me if I had a good summer and I have to reply that it's been a productive summer, though hardly a relaxing one. The nearest thing to a holiday was the few days spent in Caerleon back at the beginning of July. Since then G has been to South Korea for another maths education conference, but I stayed at home and helped my brother move my Dad into residential care. Knowing that he is now being properly looked after and is no longer spending far too long alone has been a huge relief. The nagging worry that was constantly lurking at the back of my mind has gone -- which meant that when some unexpected teaching came up at the local college, I jumped at the chance. It therefore looks as though I will have 7 hours of teaching for the next academic year. As these are both courses I have never taught before, I foresee something of a steep learning curve, so it's just as well I finished the OU degree and therefore won't be doing any more study myself. And, what is more, I still have to work on my father's bungalow to get it looking good so we can sell it.

Anyway, back to the photo...

The other thing we did this summer was publish the programming book my husband wrote during his summer holidays. We'd had a week of blah weather and the only day when the weather looked like it was going to cooperate, I was stuck on the computer all day proof reading the final version. I therefore had to make do with the view out of my study window.

Top: Morning
Middle: Around midday
Bottom: Nightfall

PS In case anyone's interested, here's the link to my husband's book on Lulu. He actually wrote it to use with his class, so if no one else buys it, it doesn't matter, though it will be available on Amazon in due course. But it's actually cheaper and easier to upload the files to Lulu and order books at cost price than it is to photocopy them at the college. The finished product looks so much more professional too. I'm quite proud of the cover, which we designed between us. Only the top photo is mine; the others were used by permission.
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