Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Stop for a moment...

Tutsan berries by Helen in Wales
Tutsan berries, a photo by Helen in Wales on Flickr.

...and step out to admire the berries.

The Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum) in the back garden is now covered in attractive dark berries. Unlike the blackberries I photographed the other day, these are not edible.

As you can see from the water droplets on the leaves, it has been raining all day. Not very hard, but that misty, wetting rain that is so typical of Wales.

In other news, I have survived another day teaching. The practical stuff is almost all sorted out now. I have a PIN number for the photocopier and I know where all the photocopiers are, my college login and email all work fine. I have seen half the GCSE English re-sit students and with luck will teach the first lesson tomorrow -- assuming the ones who said they would come last period on Friday actually do come and don't just slope off home! The first week is almost over and I'm almost starting to enjoy myself, even though I am sooooooo tired.


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