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Stop for a moment...


Well, actually I didn't stop, I just noticed Brith's shadow and photographed it while I was still walking. It also fits the theme for the photo-a-week group, but Flickr has been showing a picture of a panda all day (why a panda?). They did warn that they were going to do some maintenance, but it was supposed to be completed by 1 pm UK time and it's now 5.30 and there is still just a panda. So I've used the LJ scrapbook instead and will post to Flickr when it's back to normal. [ETA: Flickr is up and running again, so the photos now link to Flickr.]

So here is a canine shadow, looking just a little bit wolf-like?

Shadow dog

And behind the cut is Brith pleased to see me and eager to set off on our walk. I'm really pleased that my teaching timetable allows me to carry on with the dog walking. I would be sad to lose it. I do teach on Fridays, but not until 2.45 pm so there's plenty of time to get home, shower, have lunch and walk to the college. On Tuesday, I'll have to move the walk time from 10 am to 3 pm, but during the autumn and winter, that isn't a problem and, by the time it gets hot next summer, the college year will be over.


Fortunately, after all the rain yesterday, it was fine this morning, sunny even, though the rain started again after lunch and it's coming down steadily now.
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