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The good news is...

...that I now definitely seem to be going to Octocon (the Irish National SF convention). I have registered for the con and booked a room and acquired my Euros and tonight, after some dithering, I booked my flight.

The dithering was between ferry and plane. In terms of time, as it looks like I'll have to go into work for at least part of the day, there's not really any difference between driving to Holyhead and getting the fast ferry and driving to Manchester airport and flying. However... With this awful stormy weather we've been having, there's a very good chance that the fast ferry won't run. In which case, I'd have the hassle of changing to the big ferry, which takes ages and ages and pretends to be a cruise. It really does. According to my daughter, you have to suffer a bloke playing a keyboard in a desultory manner in an attempt to entertain the people who are sitting in the bar, pretending to enjoy themselves as the ferry ploughs it's was across the rough grey Irish sea. So flying won. Next step before going to slump in front of the telly for a little while is to print out the email/e-ticket thingy.

The bad news (there traditionally has to be bad news to accompany good) is that I have got the cold everyone's been complaining about. So I can now join in the general moaning about feverishness and dripping nose and dry tickly cough.

P.S. Is it just a glitch, or has LiveJournal just altered the layout of the Update Journal page? It's now too wide for my screen settings. Bummer.

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