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Writing progress -- yesterday and today

Yesterday, I poked at the novel and managed to get it moving sluggishly again:

Words yesterday: 428
Words in Chapter 10: 428
Words total: 44,445

Words today: 527
Words in Chapter 11: 527
Words total: 44,972
Reason for stopping: G came home for a short break and I need to work out what I'm doing with the classes tomorrow.
Other: I've finally got my writing templates transferred across to the laptop. Also about to make copies of my current Writing Music CDs so I can keep a set in the laptop bag.

No, I haven't finished Chapter 10 and it's going to have more than the 428 words I wrote yesterday in it. But I decided that the reason I was making no progress with the novel is that I'm stuck in Middle. There's a bunch of stuff that has to happen, but I have no clear idea of what order it goes in. In most cases, the order doesn't have a clear cause and effect because it's different people doing different things, independently, and the order is going to depend merely on how the scenes would best be presented.

But feeling that I ought to write today, even though I didn't know what happened next, I decided to just write something that I knew happened around now in the middle and worry about the order afterwards when I come to revise.

It worked and I have half a scene. So I think I might have this sucker moving again.

P.S. And thank goodness they've fixed the width of the window in the online update page.

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