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Writing progress?

Words Wednesday: 95
Words Thursday: 300
Words in Chapter 11: 920
Words total: 45,365
Reason for stopping (both evenings): Students about to arrive for evening class.
Other: I'm not sure the laptop is helpful on the night I teach the evening class in the school.

The laptop is generally increasing productivity as it means I can type anywhere, but hauling it in from the car, setting it up in the school computer room and then hauling it back out before the students arrive takes up valuable time in which I could be writing by hand. I only got the 95 words that night which was partly due to starting a new scene, but largely because I felt I had to stop sooner than I would have had I just been scribbling on a pad.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do the evening class in the same centre where I've been teaching during the day, so the laptop is already switched on and ready to go. Plus I can leave it set up longer because it's less of a trek from the teaching room to the car so getting all my stuff packed up and out is easier.

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