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Museum closed for renovation :(

40/52 for the group 52 in 2013

The theme was: What makes me sad

G had managed to get invited onto a maths education research project that will involve a few trips to Oxford. The first was this weekend, so while he went Thursday night for the Friday meeting, I joined him on Friday and we spent the day sightseeing on Saturday.

I wanted to show him the Natural History museum because I thought he'd like it, but I was sad to discover that it was closed while they did repairs on the wonderful glass roof. :(

The Pitt Rivers museum was open and they had moved some of the natural history exhibits into the space around the main exhibition hall, so there was still plenty to see, but unfortunately not most of the fossils and minerals. We did manage to glimpse these animal skeletons through a gap in the barrier, all wrapped up in plastic to protect them.

As well as visiting the museum, we had a good time wandering around looking at the old buildings and we walked a short way along the canal. The canal photos didn't come out too well, so I will not inflict them on you. (I only took the little old point-and-shoot, so I was limited in scope.)

This one of the castle mound was OK. I'd missed this on my previous visits to Oxford. It's right by the old prison, part of which has now been turned into a hotel.

Oxford castle mound


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