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Nearly half term!

Just have one more day to survive and then it's half term! :) The students get a week off and I might have chance to catch up.

I am readjusting to having to actually go out to work and teach face-to-face again after five years of teaching online, but I really feel as though I'm on a treadmill. Teaching three courses that I've never taught before means that, although obviously I know the stuff, I don't have lesson plans, handouts or presentations. Everything has to be prepared from scratch.

All other projects have slowed to a crawl. I'm surrounded by unfinished crochet projects that were begun when I had plenty of time to spare and I haven't been working on my Dad's bungalow as much as I wanted to. However, things do progress, albeit slowly.

Anyway, here is an autumnal tree, just on the edge of the college grounds. I snapped it walking home from work last night. I must admit that a commute of 5 minutes walk is a big improvement over the one hour drive I used to have in my last teaching job.

Autumnal tree

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