Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Test your knowledge the Scots language

Though Scottish Gaelic is the native language of the Western Isles, it never was the native language of Lowland Scotland. What they spoke before adopting a dialect of English was the language that we know today as Welsh and which was once spoken over the whole of the southern and western parts of mainland Britain. So, though some want to make Gaelic more widely spoken and adopt it as the language of the whole of Scotland, there is also a movement to declare Scots an actual language rather than just a dialect.

If you want any proof that it's definitely very different, test how good your knowledge of Scots is here...

I managed 9 out of 10, partly thanks to an early exposure to Scots words via the Oor Wullie annuals my mum's friend used to send us each Christmas and partly to endlessrarities occasionally dropping words like "dreich" into her posts. :)

And now I'm wondering how "mingin" made it's way from Scots into English. It's a word that I didn't know when I was young, but have picked up via my kids when they were teens, so it has to be a fairly recent acquisition.

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