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Am I getting anywhere?

Useful things done today:

  • Made a wholemeal loaf in the breadmaker.

  • Marked more computing assignments. Should be able to finish these and then start on the stories for the fiction writing course tomorrow.

  • Saved quite a bit of money by finding a ski jacket belonging to my son hanging behind the door of what used to be his bedroom. This is just what G needs for his planned visit to Boulder, Colerado next January.

I haven't been for a walk and don't intend to now as I'd end up even wetter than I was when the photo in this icon was taken. I'll fish out my belly dancing videos and try dancing for an hour this evening instead. Scratch that. No time left. The marking took longer than I thought, but I have now finished all I wanted to do today.

Also not done: I haven't tidied the house nor done any cleaning, other than washing up and wiping down the kitchen surfaces.

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