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A day sorting out stuff

Though it's still a dreary day here, the winds and rain have ceased and it is peaceful, if gloomy, outside. Inside, in the warm, I suddenly felt that I just had to have a day Sorting Out Stuff.

Due to bringing carloads of Stuff here from my Dad's bungalow, our house is a mess and it has reached the point where I can no longer ignore it. Also, now Dad's post is being re-directed here, Stuff (in the form of begging letters from charities) drops daily through the letterbox, adding to the clutter that's already here. I decided it had got to stop. I am therefore busily writing letters and emails requesting that Dad be removed from their mailing lists.

Charities are like seagulls on the promenade at the seaside. If you make the mistake of feeding one, before you know it you are being mobbed by hordes of birds, demanding more and more! I do worry that they put elderly people under pressure to donate when they may not be able to afford to. I also dislike the waste of all the "freebies" like pens and Christmas cards and address stickers that they send. The most bizarre was a small brown stone sent by Farm Africa, who claimed that mothers boil up stones to give the children the illusion that they are cooking dinner. I know they are trying to guilt me into donating, but all that happens is that I get cross and want nothing more to do with them. Anyway, I hope that today's purge will at least reduce the flood to a more manageable trickle.

Then, over the weekend, I need to sort and wash all the items that I brought home in order to donate to our local Red Cross charity shop.

The other thing I've done this morning is to email Amazon to inform them that someone has set up an account using one of my email addresses. Obviously it's not the address that is linked to my own Amazon account and it's not one I really use at the moment, but I might want to start using it next year, so it needs sorting out. For a while I thought that my near-namesake would realise that she wasn't getting email receipts for all the trashy Kindle romances she was buying, but it seems that she hasn't. So I've emailed Amazon using that address and asking for it to be disconnected from the account that isn't mine. I will let you know what transpires!
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