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Gah! Stupid Twitter

I have heard of people getting their Twitter accounts hacked and I'd actually closed my main account (not because of that, but because Twitter was a huge time sink and wasn't good for my mental health), but I'd left the other account where I occasionally tweet in Welsh. Well, today I got a notification that a spammy looking account was following me, so I logged on to delete and block. And oh noes! I had been tweeting in Russian. Fancy that! I didn't even know I spoke Russian. :(

So I hastily changed the password then deleted the account. I hope it's gone and I don't think anyone was really following me, but I now feel slightly embarrassed that I hadn't kept a closer eye on it.

Also, just to be on the safe side, I've just been and changed the password on several other social networking sites, including LJ and DW. Yes, I know you shouldn't re-use the same password, but I had because otherwise you have so many you just can't remember them.
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