Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Winter break in London

Despite the dire weather forecast and warnings of gales and floods, the journey down to London yesterday went very smoothly. Apart from being delayed for a minute or two on the drive to Machynlleth station because workmen were dealing with a fallen tree, there was no other sign of the recent bad weather. The trains were on time and the sun even shone!

Normally on these short London breaks we stay in one of the LSE halls of residence, but this time we took advantage of special Christmas holiday rates at the Premier Inn at Tower Hill. It's turning out to be a good central location and it's nice to be based in a different part of London for a change.

As we weren't sure whether there would be places to eat along the Thames Path, which was our planned expedition for today, we took advantage of the full hotel breakfast. Suitably sustained, we travelled by tube and train to Chiswick, which is the point we had reached last year. I forgot to bring the camera lead, so apart from one picture taken with my phone at the start of the walk, the others will have to wait until I get home.

The Thames path took us through some varied and interesting areas. We passed wonderful old riverfront houses, brand new apartments and some working boat yards near the start of the Grand Union canal. There are numerous parks alongside the river, some small and some, like Syon Park, spacious. We saw Kew Gardens over on the other bank of the river as we continued our way through Isleworth and Twickenham to Strawberry Hill, the point where we decided to finish for the day.

The advantage of walking in London is that you are never far from public transport, so just a few minutes walk from the river, we reached Strawberry Hill station and a train back to Waterloo.

Tomorrow will be a shorter walk, but we haven't quite decided where yet.

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