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Photos from the London trip (Day 1)

As you can see from these photos, we were exceptionally blessed with the weather. In the midst of a very wet, stormy and dreary winter, we had two days of glorious blue skies and sunshine. It gave a much needed lift to my mood. It also meant that we managed to do lots of walking.

Our plan is to walk the whole of the Thames Path, in sections. This is the point where we left off our walk along the Thames Path last year, and so it was the starting point for this year's walk.

The River Thames at Chiswick.

Thames by Chiswick

Same spot but looking back the way we had come. The tall chimney looks like a remnant of Victorian industry, but my google skills are not up to identifying it, unfortunately.

PC280022 Thames Chiswick cropped copy

There's a mix of housing alongside the Thames. Some is old, grand and charming (and must cost a fortune), while some is brand new (and is probably equally expensive).

Thames apartments

Thames apartments

This is the point where the Grand Union Canal joins the Thames. It was great to see these old boatyards were still in use. A couple of blokes were working on restoring a boat as we walked past.

Old boatyards, River Thames

At this point the Thames Path takes a small detour along the tow path of the Grand Union Canal. This forms an almost rural enclave in the middle of London.

Grand Union Canal

Shortly after, the path is then forced away from the river and instead runs through Syon Park. Eventually, after trekking through spacious parkland, we rejoined the river. Soon we passed Marble Hill House, originally built for Henrietta Howard, mistress of King George II when he was Prince of Wales. It's now owned by English Heritage.

Marble Hill House

The final photo was taken shortly before we finished our walk for the day. Two girls were standing on the bridge to Eel Pie Island re-enacting a scene of Hitchcock's The Birds by throwing bread from the bridge. There was a lot of squealing (from the girls) and squawking (from the birds). The houses are on Eel Pie Island.

Eeel Pie Island

Shortly after this, we headed away from the river to get the train from Strawberry Hill back to Waterloo.

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