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The 52 in 2013 photo-a-week

I've been in this group for 2011, 2012 and most of 2013. Things got too stressed for me to stick with the set topics during the summer, but I kept taking a photo every week and towards the end of the year, I picked up the themes again. However, I'm not signing up for this group next year. The first few times the subjects were an interesting challenge, but I'm going to do my own project next year and tie it more closely with the seasons and small things of interest, as the mood takes me.

But here is the mosaic for this project.

52 in 2013 mosaic

1. Very early primrose, 2. My home town, 3. Welsh Weather, 4. Vanishing point, 5. Old barn, 6. Local football match, 7. Welsh cakes, 8. Round and round and round, 9. Sticky fingers album cover, 10. Reflections, 11. The texture of tree bark, 12. M is for motif, 13. A cold evening, 14. Daffodils, 15. Traditional Welsh gate fastener, 16. Celandines, 17. Dew on grass, 18. Church and flowering tree, 19. Train passing through Dolgellau, 20. Bunch of dandelions, 21. Wild garlic, 22. The view from Brith's house, 23. Open gate, 24. After the sun, the rain, 25. Ffestiniog Railway, Porthmadog, 26. Tutsan, 27. Roman amphitheatre, Caerleon, 28. Dolgellau golf course, 29. Rainbow ripple crochet blanket WIP, 30. Raspberry & jostaberry pies, 31. Old car, 32. Snowdrop shawl in progress, 33. Mango Pineapple sweets, 34. Brith, 35. Mitred granny square, 36. Morning sunlight 37. Tutsan berries, 38. The last strawberry, 39. Old mossy gate, 40. Museum closed for renovation :(, 41. Words for sale, 42. Abstract -- distorted ripples, 43. Autumnal tree, 44. Corner-to-corner blanket, 45. Autumn from my window, 46. Shiny bowl, 47. Music old and new, 48. Tea & biscuits, 49. Selfie, 50. Wrapping Christmas presents, 51. Kodak colour slides, 52. Cable car across the Thames

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