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Capacity management and language learning

I found this article linked from the Google+ Language Learners community: How to learn Chinese faster.

Though it's about Chinese, the principles apply to any language learning, and as I know at least a couple of my LJ friends are learning languages, I'll pass on the link.

Most of it is common sense and stuff that I have been doing for some time, but I always feel that a reminder of how to work effectively doesn't go amiss, especially when I'm getting back into something after a gap of 6 months or more.

And so my 10 second video for Day 3 on giveit100.com was of me ironing while revising a story I have learned previously. It may be counter-intuitive, but I generally find that 1 boring task + 1 boring task = Interesting Activity rather than, as one might expect, a doubly boring task.

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