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And this is why we'll still need human translators for a while yet

To be honest, I'm always amazed that Google translate and other computer based translation systems work at all. For straightforward prose in standard English, they do work remarkably well. Though you should only ever really use them for translating from foreign to native. So if you come across an article on the web, a computer translation will certainly give you the gist of it, though there may be the occasional weird sentence, which is why it really isn't a good idea to use it from native to foreign, at least not if you want to be sure of what you are saying!

But when you get into more specialised language, computer translations tend to fall apart. Even with helpful photos, the collective knowledge of the Creative Crochet Crew were having great difficulty making sense of this translation of a crochet pattern from Russian.

Level 2: At this auction we going to do in between. I've done intermediate chains 1 handrails at the beginning of And 3rd in the same place I've increased by 2 handrails.

Level 3: Every 6 banister railing by an increase in the same place I was two. 4.Place: Every 5 banister railing by an increase in the same place I was two. thus lower floors will make you have finished our base.

Now open the fourth time color rope stretched together by connecting one single peanut and spiders are doing. 4.trabz jumped in between the banister until 3 1 peanuts, we are completing the order form together a single spider.

1st row of the finished happens.

1 of pistachio nuts on 2.sırayı likewise, we weave together form a single spider.

In this way we weave 4 rows.

1 of pistachio nuts are doing on 5.sıra again but this time the duo to search spiders are doing.

As someone commented, "I thought the boxes, handrails, and vine leaves were confusing until I made it to the nuts and spiders!" and another said, "If I ever end up making one I'm going to call it the Nutty Spider Flower." :)

It would probably be decipherable, with a lot of work. "Spiders", "banisters" and "pistachios" are possibly terms in Russian for various crochet stitches (like we have "shells" and "puff stitches" or refer to "petals"), or more likely it's just not quite the right word and should be something like "web", "row" and "bobble". :)

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