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Yet another wet and dreary day

The forecast for today was bad, but the day started dry so by getting out earlier than usual to walk Brith, we did manage a 20 minute walk. Normally I take him for about an hour. Even so, despite cutting the walk short, we got a bit wet and he had to be towelled dry afterwards, but at least he got to stretch his legs and have a good sniff at all the interesting smells in the dead leaves at the side of the road. Also I got a bit of exercise. What with the Cold From Hell and the rain, I have become rather slothful, which is not good.

Afterwards I had a cup of tea with his elderly owners, M (91) and B (96) and managed to add 3 pieces to their fiendishly difficult jigsaw. Before you can start the jigsaw, you have to do a crossword, then the completed crossword is the picture that you have to assemble! As I said, fiendishly difficult because everything is the same colour and the pieces just have bits of letters on them. I also helped B install an update on her Android tablet.

Having done my good deeds for the day, I drove home through the now torrential rain and spent the rest of the morning crocheting African flower motifs and listening to BBC radio on the website. Our default station for the radio in the kitchen is Radio 4, but I find Radio 4 Extra really useful because there isn't always something on live that I want to listen to.

After lunch I filled out a couple of forms relating to financial stuff and then drove round to the college to teach my final session of the week. Normally I walk, but it had rained so hard during the day that there was the danger of the underpass flooding. A flooded underpass on the shortcut would necessitate either paddling and getting wet feet or walking the long way round, which takes getting on for half and hour instead of 10 minutes.

And now I'm just winding down before dinner, a glass of wine and an evening watching TV.

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