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In which I give Twitter another chance

As I mentioned on LJ at the time, I abandoned my main Twitter account back in June of last year. Then in December, I had problems with the account I'd been using to practise Welsh. The account was hacked and taken over by spammers. I was mightily pee-ed off with Twitter for a while and didn't miss it.

However, I have decided that because Twitter seems to have become such a big thing, trying to ignore it might not be a good idea, so I have set up a brand new account. I've found quite a lot of my online friends, but there are one or two whose Twitter names I can't remember. If you are one of my LJ friends and want me to follow you, let me know in a comment what your Twitter name is. Otherwise follow me and I'll follow back. I'm now @Castanwydden, which is Welsh for Horse Chestnut Tree, in case you wondered.

In other news, it's a glorious sunny day here. It's not raining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing. I think spring may have sprung.
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