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A busy day... I think?

It's been one of those days when I don't feel as though I've achieved much, yet if I list it, it actually is a reasonable amount of progress. As well as the usual daily tasks of cooking food and clearing up afterwards, I have:

* More or less finished creating the epic PowerPoint presentation about why English spelling is so unpredictable. (Just need to add some tips on how to improve one's spelling.)
* Finished crocheting the third and final Easter basket
* Crocheted the other half of a pot holder to use up the last of the Craft Cotton
* Proof read G's paper for a maths education journal

Of course what I haven't done is made any progress with spring cleaning the house or improving the garden. This makes me feel frustrated and guilty, especially as the new next-door-but-one neighbours have been beavering away in their garden since they moved in. They have laid gravel and paving stones and, today, began erecting a large wooden frame. Possibly a green house?

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