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Pussy willow catkins

13/52 for the group 2014 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: M is for Macro

Pussy willow catkin

I'm not entirely happy with this photo. The focus is a smidgen soft. I could have done with brighter light to reduce the shutter speed. As it was, I only managed a couple of shots that were in focus. My tripod isn't really heavy enough to hold the camera perfectly still when it has the big zoom/macro lens on it.

Anyway, spring is definitely starting to spring and the trees are all busy throwing out catkins and filling the air with pollen -- which is making me sneeze!

In other news...

I saw the first bumblebee of the year yesterday while I was out walking Brith.

I have removed all the grass that had, over the past few years, sneakily spread onto the concrete path at the front of our house. I found an edging tool in the garage that I didn't remember buying or in fact ever seeing before. I eventually decided that, as it was unlikely that it had been left by the gardening fairies, I must have acquired it when we cleared Dad's garage. I must have grabbed it as something useful that we didn't already possess, shoved it in the car, unloaded it when I reached home and then promptly forgotten all about it. Anyway, it was just the thing and cut through the turf, leaving a neat edge. I rolled up the grass and soil and have put it out at the back on the area where I'm trying to make a patio of sorts, where I can sit out if/when the weather is nice.

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